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Indiana Immigration, Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense Lawyers

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A Former Prosecutor and University Instructor who is Uniquely Qualified To Practice Immigration Law, Civil Litigation, Business Law and Criminal Defense.

The Law Office of Jonathan Bruce, LLC in Carmel, Indiana draws on a wealth of legal knowledge and international experience in the fields of immigration law, business law, estate planning and criminal defense.

Whether you are a business seeking to obtain immigrant or non-immigrant visas for employees, or you need help bringing a family member to the U.S. from a foreign country, the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce is uniquely prepared and qualified to assist you.

Jonathan Bruce is a former Peace Corps volunteer who obtained his doctorate at Sofia University in Bulgaria. He speaks Spanish, French, Russian and Bulgarian as well as English. His background as a prosecutor and his work overseas make him uniquely qualified to work with legal matters in which criminal law and immigration intersect.

Any noncitizen who is convicted of certain crimes in the United States may face deportation, exclusion, loss of a visa or green card status, and denial of U.S. citizenship. If you are a noncitizen facing a criminal charge, you need a lawyer who knows both criminal and immigration law — a lawyer who can keep you out of jail and prevent you from being deported.

Indiana Immigration, Criminal Defense, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning and Business Attorneys

The Law Office of Jonathan Bruce, LLC represents businesses, hospitals, universities and individuals throughout Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio in immigration, business, estate planning and criminal defense matters.

Representation in the area of immigration includes asylum, work visas and family-based visas. The Law Office of Jonathan Bruce also helps immigrants defend against removal or deportation actions resulting from a current or past criminal charge, a visa overstay, the loss of immigration status or other reasons.

In the area of business law, the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce helps entrepreneurs determine the best structure for their company and tackle the myriad legal issues that come with running a business, including contracts, partnership disputes, buy-sell agreements and commercial real estate lease and purchase agreements.

In its estate planning practice, the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce advises both domestic and foreign clients on wills, trusts, property transfers and generational wealth transfers. Business and estate planning concerns can differ significantly for foreign nationals or non-US persons, and require in-depth understanding of domestic laws and international tax matters. The Law Office of Jonathan Bruce can advise families with members inside and outside the United States about estate planning needs.

Through his work as a felony prosecutor and public defender, Jonathan Bruce has been involved in hundreds of criminal cases and knows how to identify questionable police behavior, the improper handling of evidence and poor investigative techniques in criminal cases. In the area of criminal law, the Law Office of Jonathan Bruce is skilled at putting the prosecution on its heels to gain the advantage in negotiating reduced charges or pushing for a criminal case to be dismissed completely.



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